AB2105 : Ayurveda and Modern View on “Inguinal Hernia” and its Therapeutic Management

Inguinal Hernia is described as Aantra Vruddhi in Ayurveda which is also considered as one amongst the 7 types of Vruddhi. Pathologically condition associated with displacement of internal organ in abdomen which ultimately protrudes outward, produces swelling and pain in abdominal region. Hernia mainly occurs in abdominal region and middle age people or elderly persons majorly get affected. Hereditary condition, prolong coughing, pressure during defecation, constipation, straining of abdominal muscles, lifting of heavy objects, obesity and retention of fluid in abdominal cavity, etc. are major causes of hernia. The symptoms involve hard protrusion, soft lumps, swelling and pain, etc. Vata Vriddhi chikitsa, Agni karma, Sneha, Upanaha, Vatahara pralepa and Ayurveda formulations, etc. are some approaches which helps in the management of hernia. Modern science mainly described uses of surgical approaches and pain reliving medicines for managing such types of conditions.