AB2104 : Modern and Classical Aspects on Infectious Diseases and their Management W.S.R. to Current Pandemic Situation: A Review

The ancient term Sankramaka Roga resembles communicable diseases as per modern science. These diseases mainly arise due to the influence of microbial invasion inside the body. The transmissions of such disease from one person to another take places via various means including Gatra Sansparsha, Prasnaga, sleeping and eating together; sharing objects and sexual contact, etc. The microbial toxin induces pathogenesis of infectious diseases after invasion of microorganism inside the body. Sankramaka Roga turned to Janapadodhwamsa if large numbers of people get affected, this condition can be correlated with resembles situation as per modern science. The modern science described uses of antibiotics and immune-therapy for the management of these diseases. Similarly Ayurveda rely on natural drugs, classical formulations, Panchakarma and Rasayana Chikitsa, etc. to treat Sankramaka Roga. Ayurveda concept of Ahara-Vihara, Dinacharya, Ratricharya, Ritucharya and Sadvritta improves immune system thus helps to prevent pathogenesis of Sankramaka Roga. Present article explores modern and classical aspects on infectious diseases and their management W.S.R. to current pandemic situation.