AB2101 : Modern and Classical Aspects on Infectious Diseases and their Management W.S.R. to Current Pandemic Situation: A Review

The ancient term Sankramaka Roga resembles communicable diseases as per modern science. These diseases mainly arise due to the influence of microbial invasion inside the body. The transmissions of such disease from one person to another take places via various means including Gatra Sansparsha, Prasnaga, sleeping and eating together; sharing objects and sexual contact, etc

AB2102 : A review on Respiratory diseases in Children according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of life, which covers each and every aspect of life. Childhood is the important phase of life therefore Ayurveda has placed Kaumarbhritya under the Ashtang Ayurveda. Childhood disorders can occur due to genetic factors or adaptation of modern life style in children such as feeding habits, avoidance of regular exercise, excessive intake of junk food items, spicy foods, Veerya virudha foods (dietetic incompatibility), etc.

AB2103 : Role of Internal Medicines in the Management of Infections W.S.R. to Viral and Fungal Diseases: A Review

Ayurveda works towards the prevention and management of various health problems, Ayurveda also suggests many natural ways to promote general health. Ayurveda in this regards provides several modalities for controlling infectious diseases which described as Sankramak Roga in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda these Sankramak Roga mainly arises due to the vitiated state of Doshas and this vitiation arises by microbial toxins in case of infectious diseases.

AB2104 : Ayurveda and Modern View on “Inguinal Hernia” and its Therapeutic Management

Inguinal Hernia is described as Aantra Vruddhi in Ayurveda which is also considered as one amongst the 7 types of Vruddhi. Pathologically condition associated with displacement of internal organ in abdomen which ultimately protrudes outward, produces swelling and pain in abdominal region.

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