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A Place For Research, Publication, Education and Healing.

Welcome to the Ayush Invent, It is a common platform for students, authors, researchers, doctors to present their experience and ideas.

Publishers/journals can show interest in publishing material of their choice. Our team can assist you in presenting your ideas/views/research material.

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A common platform for Journals/Publishers, Authors/ Researchers to communicate and work together.

The vision of Ayush Invent is to raise the level of Research, Education and Healing.

About Us

We are a team of professionals working in the field of Content Writing and Medicine

Our goal is to establish a bridge between Authors/Researchers and Journals/Publishers. We can help you in representing your research work or ideas through our blogging service.


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Happy Authors/Researchers/Customers.

Dr. Ankit Dewda

Dr. Ankit Dewda

You have a great team. You people completed work on urgent basis and your work is completely satisfying.

Dr. Reshma Khan

Dr. Reshma Khan

Its  good to find a place where I can find help for my research work. You are very cooperative and provided me all the updates about publication on each step.

Dr. Sofiya

Dr. Sofiya

I always wanted to present my idea in a proper way and your blogging service helped me and guided me. Looking forward to share many more ideas and views on various topics.


Services that we offer

Ayush invent is providing you an opportunity to publish your work in best journals and to get support for new ideas and research.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Ayush Invent provides platform to the researchers or author and publisher so that researchers or author can meet to publisher on common platform to publishing their articles. Publisher can also explore their publication house on this platform.

We aggregate the abstracts across the whole academic spectrum. The associated journals can read these abstract and show interest to publish complete articles, similarly Author can show interest to publish their article in associated journal (list mentioned in Publisher section).

There is no charge to include Journal name here.

Yes, multidisciplinary journals are associated with us.

More FAQs

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