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We are a team of professionals working in the field of Content Writing and Medicine since 2012. We have created a platform which will give you an opportunity to publish your work in best journals and to get support for new ideas and research. Ayush Invent is a platform constructed under registered firm "Invent Science". The vision of Ayush Invent is to raise the level of Research, Education and Healing.

This is a common platform for Journals/Publishers; Authors/ Researchers to communicate and work together. This web portal will allow Journals/publisher to show their interest in publishing articles/manuscript of their interest (Short description of Articles/manuscript and associate Journals available here).

Our mission is to present you the relevant information of Health Science in very simple and understandable form to boost your knowledge, correct your doubts and myths. So that you can bring yourself close to the nature and live a healthy, peaceful life.

The vision of Ayush Invent is to raise the level of Research, Education and Healing.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Yogendra Bhadoriya

Homeopathy Consultant

He is the co-founder of Ayush invent. He is a researcher who has always dedicated his precious time to find some easy and affordable ways of treatment. Through this platform he is bringing the various conceptual details of AYUSH in reach of every person.

Her focus is to present a platform where Investors/Publishers can show their interest to the research/educational work.

Mrs. Shraddha Singh

Managing Director

Her aim is to connect researchers with the investors, so that every innovative mind can reach milestones.

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A place for Research, Publication, Education and Healing.

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