Role of Internal Medicines in the Management of Infections W.S.R. to Viral and Fungal Diseases: A Review

Ayurveda works towards the prevention and management of various health problems, Ayurveda also suggests many natural ways to promote general health. Ayurveda in this regards provides several modalities for controlling infectious diseases which described as Sankramak Roga in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda these Sankramak Roga mainly arises due to the vitiated state of Doshas and this vitiation arises by microbial toxins in case of infectious diseases. Therefore Doshas pacifying medicines recommended controlling infections. Ayurveda drugs like Kapura, Neema, Guduchi, Tulsi and Vacha, etc. helps to treat such pathological conditions. The present scenario of pandemic disaster requires an approach where Ayurveda and modern science can join hand together to combat against this situation. The consequences of viral infections also increases susceptibility towards other infections i.e.; fungal diseases. Considering these all facts this article explored Ayurveda as well as modern approaches for the management of various types of Sankramak Roga W.S.R. to viral and fungal infections.