Post Covid Symptoms

COVID-19 is caused by novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Till now, world has reported more than 180 million cases. There have been massive surge in cases during second wave in India. The natural history of SARS-CoV-2 infection is currently being investigated. Researchers and clinicians are studying the prevalence, mechanism, time span and severity of symptoms after Covid infection as well as risk factors associated with post-Covid conditions. Typically, people recover from Covid-19 after 2 to 6 weeks. The long-term consequences of Covid-19 infection are termed as long-Covid. Post-Covid conditions can occur in patients who suffered from mild, moderate, severe or asymptomatic infections.  Patients experiencing the post-Covid effects along with social isolation are facing the problems of depression, anxiety, etc. Research has been going on to properly understand the long-Covid. According to some doctors, there is a marked variation found in the post-Covid conditions. Patients may experience symptoms like poor sleep, cough, fatigue, headache, loss of smell, dizziness, difficulty thinking or concentrating (brain fog), muscle aches, pain, breathlessness, leg swelling, exercise intolerance etc. It has been reported that older age patients can face higher risk for severe disease. Even the young age people who were physically fit before the Covid infection are also suffering from the post-Covid symptoms till several weeks and months. It is important for the patients to consult their doctors in a routine way and take proper care of them. People should realize that they have to go slowly not just jump back in their old life. Light exercises, Yoga, meditation can help in enhancing the power of the body and mind to tackle such deadly diseases.

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